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(Or What my Piano is worth)

The very best Piano Appraisal would be done by a local Piano Tuner/Technician coming to your home to tune the piano, then give it a good inspection. There are many excellent Tuner/Technicians around the globe. In the U.S., the best place to start is your local phone book. Probably $75.00 and up.

By tuning a piano, a Technician gets their hands on the instrument and can verify that the Piano will indeed hold a tuning. In the U.S., the best place to start is your local phone book.

Some other Piano sites suggest a dealer come out and Appraise. We feel this is COULD be a biased approach... dealers are there to make a living too, they would like a trade in and move you up to a new piano. Fair enough, but that would not be a true value appraisal by that approach. A local tuner or technician would be the most unbiased.

PLEASE NOTE! We no longer offer Online Piano Appraisals as of July 2014. We will do an in-home tuning and appraisal only. We leave this page up so that you may gain insight into what condition your piano is in and what work might need to be done for the best resale value and to maintain it's health.

$74.99 for an in-home Piano Appraisal with tuning.
Call 505.873.0762. Albuquerque, NM ONLY.

II. Piano Information: Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Questions marked with a star need to be answered. All of the combined information below will determine the value of your piano. Please be as honest as possible. The appraisal is only as accurate as the information you submit.

Please fill in the box or select as need be.

Piano Manufacturer:  

Steinway, Baldwin, etc. If the name is not on the nameboard, lift the lid on the upright and look inside. With a grand, remove the music desk and look on the harp or the soundboard for name and serial number. This information is often more important than what is on the nameboard.

Serial Number: 

Should be a four to eight digit number. It is usually located by the tuning pins. On some grands you have to look around a little harder – under the strings on the soundboard – so get a flashlight and explore.

Upright or Grand: 


Grand Length : 

How to measure length, click here.

Upright Height : 

How to measure height, click here.

III Case Condition.

Piano information

Overall Case Appearance:

Case Defects: 

Please note any deep scratches, loose or missing veneer, checkering (looks like alligator skin), etc.

Case Finish: 

Natural wood, ebony or other color.

Case Style : 

Plain, Ornate or Carved.

Missing Hardware: 

Is there any obvious missing hardware, like: casters, knobs, hinges, panels, columns, legs. etc?

Note Missing Hardware: 


Can the piano be moved without causing bodily harm?
***CAUTION!! Do not attempt to move a Grand Piano by yourself on carpet, you may break a piano leg or your own!!!***

Bench Information

Is a bench Included? 


Matching bench? 

Does the bench style match the piano?

Bench Condition

Does it have working lid hinges with prop?

Music Compartment

Does the bench have space for a music compartment?

Are the bench
legs sturdy? 


Overall Bench Appearance:

IV. Instrument Condition and Service History. If you cannot answer a question, please type NA, or Select Unknown.

Last Time Tuned: 

How Often Tuned?

How often over the past five years has it been tuned?

Was Piano Restrung?


When Restrung ? 

If Piano was restrung, when.

Rusty Strings?

Missing Strings? 

Soundboard Condition

Any Noises?

Can you hear any buzzing or rumbling when playing?


If yes, describe: 


Soundboard Cracks? : 

Any Visible Soundboard Cracks?

Do all the keys work?

Up and Down Motion?

Sticky/Sluggish Keys?

Do any of the keys stay down when depressed? Any keys stuck down now?


Ivory or Plastic Keytops?

Any Missing Keytops?

Any Chipped Keytops?

How many chipped  
or broken Keytops?

Please count.

How many Keys?  

Usually 88, please count.

Action Serviced? 

When was the last time the action was regulated or serviced? New Hammers? New Dampers? Please explain what kind of work was done (if Possible).


Do the Pedals Work? 

Sustain? Soft Pedal? Sostenudo?

Pedal Problems ?

Please describe. If none, write NA. If broken off or missing, please note

How many Pedals? 

Usually 3, some have 2, some 5.

Enjoy your Piano - Keep it Tuned!!

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