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This Piano has been sold, it is here as an example of this model.
Most of these pianos were sold before 2005, please don't ask us for the price.

Unfortunately, piano prices have dropped
considerably as of this writing, 2009.


Baldwin Pianovelle RP1 Electronic Piano


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Baldwin Pianovelle RP1


























  • Baldwin Pianovelle RP1 Electronic Piano
  • Date posted: 18 Sep 2006
  • Style: 33" Electronic Piano
  • Serial#: 205E960042
  • Finish: Mahogany
  • Mfg Year: Unknown
  • Comments: This little electronic piano has a nice feel and a variety of sounds with effects. It is claimed to be a "weighted key" instrument. The keys are weighted but feels more in between that of a springy synthesizer and a true piano action response.
  • Everything works, all the voices, effects and record function work, have not tried the MIDI ports. It can record anything you can play up to it's capacity (approximately 15,000 events). It records with touch sensitivity and in real time (non-quantized). That means your timing is not corrected, like recording onto a tape deck. Great for mastering passages or developing new songs
  • Comes with operating/owners manual.
  • There are little pieces of carpet under the legs that show in the picture, they are not leg defects! Very few chips/dings. White spot on front of instrument to be removed. Appears to very well cared for.
  • Decent volume and light enough to be moved easily by two people. Speakers are not blown or otherwise "scratchy".
  • One problem noted, however minor or major, it does have one note in the bass section which has no dynamics, it is at full volume. The rest of the keys have touch sensitivity.
  • 120Volt operation only.
  • Does not include mini stool in picture.
  • Other items in picture ARE NOT included-: desk light, sheet music and bust.




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