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Piano Tuner/Technicians
Gayle Ross & Tom Thompson

Serving the Greater Albuquerque Area
and most areas of
Central and Northern New Mexico

InTune Piano Services is dedicated to re-using and recycling old pianos, saving some very fine instruments made of aged hardwoods, not partical board.
We are the old Upright Piano experts. We also service all makes and models of upright pianos and grand pianos.

Gayle playing and inspecting an older player piano

In order to maintain and protect the major investment in your piano, new or old, it must be regularly tuned and serviced by a knowledgeable and skilled technician. For over 20 years, InTune Piano Services has been providing New Mexicans with top quality service that includes:
In-Home Tuning & Repairs
Action Regulation & Repair
Restringing & Rebuilding
Key Repairs: Tops & Bushings
Damp-Chaser/Humidity Control System Installer

Gayle Ross is a professional piano technician serving most areas of North Western New Mexico. A life long pianist and tuner/technician for over 20 years, Gayle is fully qualified in not only the highest standards of tuning, but also in repairs, regulation, voicing and appraisals.

Tom Thompson is a piano rebuilder/technician, having rebuilt over 25 grand and upright pianos, photographer, the Webmaster for the site and a computer professional by trade.



InTune Piano Services- Serving Albuquerque since 1992

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