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All pianos, new and old, in order to maintain and protect their condition and value must be regularly serviced and tuned. The frequency of the piano tuning depends on the use of the instrument and on the conditions of its location and environment. In other words, how often is it played and where does it live? Generally, tuning twice a year is recommended.

Grand Piano Tuning
Upright Piano Tuning
A piano will stay in tune better if the atmospheric conditions are uniform. Changes from dry to moist air can cause pinblocks to swell and shrink, changing the string tension and tonal quality. Keeping a constant humidity (about 42%) means your piano will need less frequent tunings.

Tuning a grand piano can be more than simply sitting and often requires the tuner get under the instrument to carry out necessary adjustments.

A Basic Piano Tuning Includes. . .
A basic piano tuning and/or service call includes an inspection and written report plus any cost estimates for recommended repairs.
$90.00 + Mileage Outside of Albuquerque @ $1.00/mile

Piano Tuning cost as of July 2023

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