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Piano Movers in Albuquerque
A & A Piano Moving - Adam Arellano has worked for one the top movers in Albuquerque for many years and now has his own truck and crew. Excellent, careful and responsive. (505) 220-4812
Expert Piano Moving Co. - Delivers in and around Albuquerque, some travel outside the state, visit their website for more info. Excellent, careful and responsive. Expert also moves pianos coast to coast (505) 880-0880
Piano Movers: Cross Country Movers:

Teco Piano Movers - Based out of the Los Angeles area, this family owned and operated business has helped us in our moving needs for over 10 years. Call them first for a cross country move, you will not be disappointed.
Call: (562) 862-5013

Piano and related Links:

Educational Piano Resources Presented by Sarah Bloomdale and her 2013 Summer Music Camp students of the Charlotte Library from Charlotte Tennessee. We thank her and her students for the information!

Steve's Piano Service Helping you care for your piano worldwide! Helping Do-It-Yourselfer's-- Like YOU Repair, Tune, Regulate, and Care For Your Own Piano. Order Piano Parts and Tools to do the work. Much good info on this site, parts shipped worldwide.

Amadeus Piano Co, Inc Amadeus Piano Company was founded in 1989 as a family-owned and operated wholesale and retail piano service company. Our complete line of services include: tuning, repairing, rebuilding, refinishing, buying, selling, renting, and moving all types of acoustic pianos.

Pianomart has over 500 new and used pianos from around the globe and piano accessories for sale. A very well organized and easy to navigate site. This site is the king of piano websites! A must visit site.

Reading Keyboard Music Easy Piano Lessons, Music Teacher DVD. Offers piano lessons including DVD based piano and keyboard instructions, and books for basic piano lessons

At Tinkertunes Music Studios our goal is to share the joy of making music and to provide opportunities for a musically enriching experience that will begin a lifetime of appreciation! Tom's Studio is a music teaching facility which provides lessons in piano and violin, and music classes for preschoolers. Also, be sure to see his "Upright Furniture Company" to see some beautiful desks made from old upright pianos.

The Virtual Piano Shop The easy way to buy and sell a piano in the UK. This site also has a list of movers and tuner/tech's in the UK.

The Piano Education Page Is based out of UNM, right here in sunny Albuquerque. These peoplehave really put their time into a well organized and in-depth piano and music Web site. Mucho info and links galore, time is well spent here.

The Piano Technicians Guild Information on the PTG. Find a local Registered Piano Technician in your area. Links to every piano manufacturer in the universe! Lots of information on the piano.

Learn The Piano with Clifford Evans A comprehensive, user-friendly integrated package: a beginner's course for PIANO or KEYBOARD consisting of 2 x 2 hours videos, 55 page music book and free telephone or E-mail help. Music Business Toolbox is a complete guide to start your own record company or an independent music label and manage them.

Piano Musician Digital Pianos, synthesizers, electronic percussion and amplifiers based out of Canada. Find pianos for sale and buy keyboards online by major brand manufacturers like Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and others.

UK Piano Page (Association of Blind Piano Tuners). A Wealth of Information on Pianos, Tuning, Piano History, Makers, Movers, Teachers, Accompanists and Piano Entertainers in the UK

Vintage Vibe Vintage Vibe continues year after year to be on the cutting edge of vintage electric piano restoration and sales. Our company is a leader in manufacturing of obsolete parts for the Wurlitzer electric piano and the Fender Rhodes electric piano.

Piano Lessons Stockholm Learn to play with the help of a professional piano teacher. Irina is Russian-speaking but is fluent in Swedish and now teaches in Stockholm.

Supplier Links:

Steve's Piano Service Helping you care for your piano worldwide! Helping Do-It-Yourselfer's-- Like YOU Repair, Tune, Regulate, and Care For Your Own Piano. Order Piano Parts and Tools to do the work. Much good info on this site, parts shipped worldwide.

Mapes Piano String Simply the best made, we use only Mapes for our bass string duplication. The makers of D'Addario strings for Guitar players too!

Pianotek Supply Co.- Where we get our "Diamond Klinke" tuning pins, the best made period! Also suppliers of other piano tools, cloths, adhesives and pinblock material.

Schaff Piano Supply Co. A great source of all kinds of piano parts and even player parts, Schaff has it all.

International Piano Supply Piano supply parts.

Mita International An excellent source of information for hard-to-get organic and electronic parts.


Antique Links

Antiques & Things Albuquerque With over 15,000 square feet and 75 of the city's finest vendors, Albuquerque Antiques & Things has a varied selection of merchandise ranging from fine furniture - both antique and modern - to jewelry, clothing, Western and Native American goods, toys, art and all manner of ephemera.

Antique Furniture A complete information resource on antiques - including furniture and appraisal.

Solvang Antiques: Grandfather Clocks California
Solvang California has a large collection of genuine antique clocks, antique furniture, antique paintings and other antiques from the 18th & 19th century.


Albuquerque/ New Mexico Links

The Animal Humane Association of New Mexico is the only place to shop for a new Canine or Feline companion! They have a great site with pictures of the animals they have for adoption as well as an excellent lost and found program.

The goals of Joyce Fay are 1) to help animals get adopted by showing photographs of each individual that may help him connect with the right person, 2) to help rescue organizations reach a wider audience, and 3) to help adoptions be successful by bringing thoughtful information to potential adopters.

Mitch's NM Music is a very well organized, useful and thoughtful site for the local musician, well worth the visit. Everything from Musicians wanted, to equipment for sale, to venues, record companies and recording studios.


Disclaimer: This page is solely intended for educational and entertainment content. These links may no longer be operational at time of viewing this page as companies change ISP's and simply go offline due to lack of time and or interest. Albuquerque Classic Piano cannot assume any liability for the content contained within the links on these pages. At the time of this page's publishing, these links are valid. All of these links are suitable for family viewing as of this writing. If you wish to have your link removed please call or email and your link will be promptly removed.

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