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1902 Ebersol 55" Upright Piano





Ebersol 55" Upright Piano.

Ebersol Upright Piano Mfg Yr 1902 w/bench s/n 10044

This old upright was rescued from neglect and brought to our workshop for rehabilitation. 
It has been cleaned, repaired, regulated and tuned to a stable A440 pitch.
The original ivory key tops and ebony sharps have been cleaned and refinished.
A new home is needed for this beautiful instrument where it will be played and appreciated.

FREE delivery within Albuquerque. Stairs and mileage outside Albuquerque extra.

Piano be be seen and played at Past, Present and in-Between 5017 Lomas Blvd NE, Monday-Sunday.

Call 505-873-0762 for more info.

$700.00 OBO



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