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1956 Everett 36" Spinet Piano



Everett Piano Co. 36" Spinet Piano.

Everett Spinet Piano Mfg Yr 1956 w/bench s/n 107792

Built in Boston, this small piano came through its 60+ years in need of some repair. In our workshop, it was given a cleaning and reconditioning to its case.

The ribs on the soundboard were tightened. The keys were repaired and leveled. The action cleaned, repaired and regulated. Tuned to a stable A440 pitch.

Now it needs a home where it will be played and enjoyed!

FREE delivery within Albuquerque. Stairs and mileage outside Albuquerque extra.

Piano be be seen and played at Past, Present and in-Between 5017 Lomas Blvd NE, Monday-Sunday.

Call 505-873-0762 for more info.

$650.00 OBO



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