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Meister Piano Co.
55" Upright Piano







Mesiter Piano Co.

MFG YR: 1920, 55" Upright Piano w/ bench.

This old upright was built in Monroeville, Ohio in 1908.

The piano was recently rescued from neglect and as usual brought to the workshop for cleaning, repair and tuning.

The original ivory keytops were repaired and leveled. The action has been regulated and the pitch is stable at A440 (Hz).

Now it needs to find a good home!

Piano can be seen and played at Antiques & Things Albuquerque, 4710 Central Ave, Albuquerque NM Tuesday though Sunday.

FREE delivery within Albuquerque! Stairs and mileage extra outside Albuquerque.


Call for details at 505.873.0762


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