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Straube Piano Co.
55" Upright Piano






Straube Piano Co.

MFG YR: 1920, 55" Upright Piano w/ bench.

Built in Hammond, Indiana.

This beautiful tiger oak upright was once a player piano. It has a deeper case with bigger resonance, but all the player parts are gone leaving only the moving front and bottom panels. The player just had too many issues to revive.

The instrument is in good condition and has been thoroughly cleaned, regulated and tuned.
Original ivory key tops and mandolin rail (middle pedal) are nice features that remain.
At 93 years of age it is ready to serve again.

Piano can be seen and played at Antiques & Things Albuquerque, 4710 Central Ave, Albuquerque NM Tuesday though Sunday.

FREE delivery within Albuquerque! Stairs and mileage extra outside Albuquerque.


Call for details at 505.873.0762


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