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1979 Yamaha C3
6' 1" Grand Piano




















Yamaha Piano Co.

6' 1" Grand Piano w/ bench.

Yamaha C3 grand piano w/matching bench
Serial#D2831945 Mfg Year 1979

The Yamaha C3 is one of the most sought after pianos made by Yamaha. It offers a wonderful balance between size and sound. It is long enough to offer great fundamental bass response while being able to fit into most spaces. It is considered to be in Yamaha's professional line of pianos and is a super workhorse made to be played and last and have a great grand piano feel to the keys.

This grand has lead an exemplary life in a dry climate with regular tuning and maintenance.
The structure is in perfect condition (soundboard and pinblock).
The ebony satin finish is beautiful.
A move from the area has made re-homing this piano a necessity.

$7000.00 obo



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