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Steinway upright model ‘K’  piano serial #127696 
(mfg. yr 1907)

June 2012

Page 2- Piano Action and Keybed cleaning

Here is a shot of the keys and action upon first look.  Mostly dirt and dust in the action needed addressing along with lubrication to all the center pins.  The bridle straps were the only action parts that needed replacing.

Typical dirty dusty keys and action that hasn't been touched in years


Picture shows normal, broken and missing bridal Straps

A piano can play without a good bridal strap but the hammer will not sharply return to it's rest position quickly without them. The repitition rate will be greatly diminished without the strap in place.

This is a very common repair on most uprights with any age. The cloth simply deteriorates and turns to dust. Probably the most common failure on older pianos after broken rear casters.


Action and keys removed for cleaning

The action has been removed along with the keys in order to thoroughly clean the key bed and replace the moth eaten balance rail cloth bushings.

We hate to tell you this- but under the keys has been a favorite habitat for mice for a long time! We've cleaned up much mouse feces under the keys. Cats cannot get to mice under the keys, they have it made!


Closer shot of dirty keybed.


Clean key bed, ready for the keys and action to be put back in place.

Piano is shown on its back with the aid of a piano tilter. This enables the bottom board to be removed along with the trapwork, the pedal brackets and pedals.


Page 2- Piano Action and keybed cleaning


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